how much t3 could i use with this cycle?


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so that i dont eat excessive amounts of muscle? i was thinking of pyramiding up to 100mcgs for 20 days then pyramiding downs again for a total of 40 days of t3.

prop 75 mgs ED
EQ 100 mgs ED
Tren 75 mgs ED
Winny 50 mgs ED
all for 10 weeks except Winstrol (winny)
winny starts at week 4-12 to solidify any gains and get a little more water weight off of me.

do u guys think this is too much t3 or should i keep it.

stats- 6ft0 235 15%bf 4th cycle, will be on low low carbs no more than 30 grams a day for the entire time. any help is appreciated thanks

I'd say that was fine, you can stay on for the whole time as well though. It won't make a difference in thyroid recovery.