How to Backload Insulin Pins - with Pictures


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Many people have asked me how to backload insulin pins. It is quite easy to do and once explained it seems self evident. Backloading is very useful when you are reconstituting powered items, such as peptides, HGH, HCG, etc. You have a bottle that makes a LOT more than you will use in one go and you do not want to waste what you do not use. Peptides and such can be safely frozen once reconstituted for long term storage. The length of time will depend on what you reconstituted and is not going to be covered here. Preloaded pins can also be safely refrigerated as well for ease of use.

I like to make up a lot at one time and freeze most of it. HCG, for example, comes in 5000IU containers. I use 500IU a week, so the container lasts me 10 weeks. I make up 3 containers worth and freeze all of pins made up but 2 of them. I keep two 250IU HCG pins in the fridge for use when I take my semi-weekly TRT shot. When I run out in the fridge, I move 2 more pins from the freezer to the fridge and they are thawed by the time I need them. If you forget, have no fear. The small amount of frozen liquid in the pins takes only a few minutes to thaw if you roll the pin between your fingers to warm it up.

To help out others in the future, here is my explanation of backloading insulin pins with pictures. In these pictures, I am making 2IU HGH pins from 10IU bottles.

1. Clean your work surface well! Make sure it is clean and clear of anything you do not want ending up in your body.
2. Always use 1ml insulin pins. 0.5ml pins are too thin to easily break the meniscus layer of the reconstituted liquid and you end up with lots of bubbles in the pin. It is VERY hard to break them up and you will end up cursing, wasting a lot of product, etc. I learned this the hard way.
3. Open the bottles. I like to wipe down the rubber gaskets with an alcohol swab. It should not be needed, but why risk it over such a low cost and easy to do thing?
4. Pre-stage the pins to be filled, the water bottle to be used, and the mixing pin. I use an insulin pin to do my water draw, reconstitution, and backloading. I used to use a 3cc twist top pin but there was simply too much waste in the needle chamber. When shooting test, losing 0.1ml is of no concern, but when talking about HGH, 0.1ml is an entire IU (at the level I reconstitute it). The water is not in the picture...


5. Remove the plunger from your mixing pin and remove the vacuum from the bottles of powder. The bottles are currently at a strong vacuum and if you do not equalize them first the vacuum will suck the liquid in your pin into the bottle very quickly. This could damage the powder!!! If you are talking about HGH, you would be wasting a lot of money.

6. I am doing a 1ml or water per 10mg of powder to make a 10mg/ml solution.


7. Inject the water into each bottle of powder you are reconstituting, angling the pin so it splashes against the side of the bottle. I could not take a pic of this since my hands were full. I like to take a full 2 seconds per 0.1ml of liquid injected into the container of powder. Sounds very slow, but in reality it only takes 20 seconds to do.

8. Slowly turn the container about, helping the powder to fully go into solution. You can swirl gently, etc., but refrain from shaking as you can damage the powdered substance. Depending on the amount of powder, you may have to add more water to get it to fully dissolve. In this case, 1ml of water easily causes the 10mg of HGH to dissolve.

9. Slowly draw the 1ml of reconstituted liquid out of the bottle, I use 2 seconds per 0.1ml for this as well. When you get near the end you will start drawing air. Push the air back into the container and slide the needle down slightly and start drawing again. Repeat that until the needle pulls out of the container and you have all the liquid you can possibly get. Again, no pic due to hands being full.

10. Remove the stopper from 1 of the pins you are going to backload. Insert the pin full of your reconstituted liquid into the back of the pin to be preloaded. Slowly push in the desired amount. In this case, I want 2IU of HGH which means 0.2ml of liquid. If you push too fast you end up with foam and that is very hard to break up.


11. Be careful when you remove the mixing pin - gravity still works! If you are angled downward the liquid will roll out of the backloaded pin and you will be cursing yourself for being an idiot. I can neither confirm nor deny this happened to me. Put the mixing pin down onto its cap, making sure to keep the needle away from EVERYTHING. No contamination wanted! Put the plunger back into the backloaded pin slowly and only a little bit, enough to block the hole. Angle the pin upwards at a 20 degree angle or such and tap on it lightly, to force the liquid to drop to the bottle and the air bubble to rise to the top. Slowly push the plunger in, moving back and forth as needed to help break free air bubbles. This is where using a 1ml pin is very useful, the air bubble break free easily, and easy is good here. Push the liquid almost the entire way to the top, leaving a little air gap for expansion when the water freezes.


12. Recap the backloaded pin and move to the next one. Continue until done. In my case, it took 2 vials of HGH to fill 10 insulin pins with 2IUs in each. Here is when I just finished the first bottle worth.


When you go to use the backloaded pins that were sitting for any length of time, the plunger will be hard to move. Before pushing the needle into your skin, move the plunger down (pulling air into it) and back up a few times to make the movement clean and easy to do. Then push out as much air as you can without losing any product. Take note that if there is 0.01ml of air in it you will not be harmed in the slightest. Do this to prevent the sudden jerking motion caused when you keep adding force until the plunger breaks free and slams the entire liquid amount into you instantly.

I hope you all find this useful!


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Solid tutorial my man. This should be stickified IMO. Could be very helpful to new users.

Personally, I've never had to back load. I'll put a slin pin through 3 stoppers and still force it through my skin lol. I like to get things done quick :)