How to determine if primo powder is real


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To all the chem experts there, and who bake. Is there by any chance knowing whether ones primo powder real or fake? I heard some people would end up tasting there Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) if its real or not. Furthermore there are a lot of fake primos out there in the market so I would like to do some tests.

Aside from going to a lab to have the stuff checked? Is there anything I can do? like do it your own home experiment and add some chemicals to determine its authenticity? Thanks.
Not that I know of.

1. Do source checks and get your powder from a reputable source

2. If in doubt pay to have a lab test done

If you are wearry of the quality of a source, I wouldn't order from him/her

there is only one true way of knowing? Get it tested.