How to test your BF using a caliper with this calculator

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How to test your bodyat using a caliper (for males/Females) using this calculator
Ok, so we all know the importance of testing your BF, using a caliper, is actually quite simple and you can do it yourself at home. You can purchase a caliper fairly inexpensive over the internet.
Here are istructions on how to properly test your BF using a caliper for Males/Females.

I purchased mine from for about $19.00, I've been testing my BF for 2 months & I've been getting accurate results.

Here's the link with the intructions & the calculator for Males/Females.

Body Fat Calculator 6 formulas to calculate body fat percentage


Thanks for providing body fat calculator.Good work now anyone can find his body fat no need of any checkup or any physician to find out your body fat.
Wow this seems to be really interesting and amazing thing to test your bodyat using a caliper for both males and Females using this calculator..And it is easily available to many places but how it works..


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I just ordered a Body fat caliper online from Heart Rate Monitors USA for $3.75 with free shipping. I cannot wait to test my body fat using one of these compared to the Body Fat Analyzer the gym has me currently using to check my Body Fat.

Thanks for the info.


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you can buy digital. and tape measures to keep measurments
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Great site! I use this all the time. Then I use the bodybugg to figure out my calorie burn and manipulate my diet to decrease my calorie intake by 500 cal per day to get a good calorie burn. Based on 15% fat, 35% protein, 50% carbs. Unfortunately the bodybugg site does not take into consideration the sugar that could be hidden in these foods so be careful.


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really helpful info. i used to test BF at a dietician and i m telling you it the cost is way big