Hows this look

warren coolidge

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6’5 272, bf%14 +/1 3%
Current cycle
Dbol 35ms 1st 3 weeks (1000 mgs milk thistle, nolva every 5th day and 2 multi vites each day)

Test Ent 250mgs 4 week
Stop Dbol 4th week

Test Enth 500 mgs weeks 5 thur 11

Week 12 250mgs test enth

Clomid 2 weeks after last shot

Am I missing something?
Does this look ok?
First off, what is your previous cycle experience and your goal with this cycle.

I see no need to taper the Enanthate, run it @ 500 mg all the way through your cycle.

Am I reading that right about the Nolvadex every 5th day???
I'd have some Nolvadex on hand incase you get signs of gyno, then do 40mg ED until symptoms subside, then go with 20 md/day through rest of cycle.
If you are concerned about bloat, you should look at running Armidex or Aromasin with your cycle.