I have a meatball on my ass


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i shot monday, and tuesday i had a f..ckin meatball on my ass, but it is not that painful just a little sore. i it gona go away
more info would help, like what you did, how fast did you do it, did you massage it, did you heat it, etc... othewise we can't know for sure. it should go away though
fukin just shot some tren and prop in my tri last night and it is bright purple and sore as a mofo,never happens?oh well hope it goes down.
yea. what did you inject? It is normal if it feels a little sore, however the fact you described it as a "meatball" doesn't sound too good. Keep an eye on it to say the least
i shot 400mg of Eth, i didnot do it very slow i didnot heat it, it is a little warm with a red bloch, and the meatball is inside not on the out side. I think this shit does have a high BA content because everywhere i shoot it it is painful.
that was when i cut it with an INC and it killed, when i use the ICN by itself it dont hurt when i use the UG ETH it hurts but not that bad?