I need help with CKD


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I just recently started the CKD on March 18, 2003 (tuesday Night). I tested my Ketostix this morning and I am in the moderate range. I am really pumped about doing this program to get lean and mean but I have a few questions:
1. I plan on working out tomorrow (Friday) so how do I start the carb loading ? Do I continue until Saturday midnight or continue until Sunday eating a lot of low GI carbs?
2. How much cardio should I be doing?
3. What kind of foods, other than oils, have lot of fat but little protein?
4. Is it okay to take creatine or workout during carb loading?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
bro you should be eating nothing but protien and fats, salmon, peanutbutter, flax. I am doing a CKD diet right now for my show and I getting lean ass hell. I would carb up everyh 5 days. Depends on what your goal is I would hit cardio but make sure your not burning too muhc muscle, if you do am cardio have some whey and flax before. some one has a great article on this maybe I'll find it. Good luck