I need some advice for a first time


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What's up guys...I've been reading as much as I can on this board and I've definetly seen some great info. I've been lifting for 2 years but had to stop about 4 months ago because I was moving to a new place and needed time to settle in. So now I'm back to lifting for about a month straight and I'm nowhere near what I was when I stopped, which wasn't much to begin with. That's when I decided to try steroids. I was an idiot, didn't do research, and just jumped on Winstrol (winny) ip's. My friend who does a lot of juice recommended the ip's and said that (as long as I diet correctly, drink at least a gallon of water a day, and stay away from alcohol for the 8 weeks that I will be on them) I will be fine. I accepted and then immediately started taking them but also researching on them. I have read numerous posts about any orals being the worst for you. I also know that winny's are usually used for cutting cycles. My goals are to 1. not kill my liver, 2. gain a solid 8 - 10 lbs of muscle, 3. not lose my gains after my cycle. I have been taking cell tech also (which gave me about 10 lbs of mass last summer). I do not expect to become Arnold or anything, but I would like to have an extra 10 lbs of muscle and a cut up body for the summer. Can you guys please critique my cycle choice, give some suggestions of other possible cycles that I could've started with, and let me know if there is anything I should start doing or stop doing now.

Since I started my cycle I have definetly been eating enough for my body size. I drink a gallon or more of water a day and absolutely no booze. I also am taking cell tech and protein drinks daily.

24 yrs old
155 lbs (the most I have ever weighted is 157 lbs)
5' 9"
Very low body fat (not sure exactly, but anyone who weights 155 ain't fat)

I would like to have an extra 10 lbs of muscle and a cut up body for the summer.

Thanks for your help guys.
It would be good to get your bf tested and see where you are at exactly. 155 at 12%bf is a lot different than 155 at 6%bf.

Anyhoo, if you are going to go ahead and cycle, the safest choice for you would be some anavar. With a good diet you will gain between 6-10 solid pounds, but:

1) anavar is the most expensive steroid
2) the real stuff can be hard to come by these days

With that in mind, you may just wanna go with a test only cycle. Some enthanate at 250-500mg/week for 8 weeks would get you the solid pounds you are lookin for and will be easy on the body as well.

Go over to the diet board and read some threads on other people's diets while on cycles. Just to give you a good idea. :)
With IP you dont know what you are getting. The man is notorious for putting out shotty products. For example, one vial of his eq tested out at 170mg/ml ( was supposed to be 300) and another one tested out at 850mg/ml. It would be in your best interest to get some authentic gear. If Winstrol (winny) is what you want, then you cant go wrong with some zambons.
How did I know you were going to suggest the Zambons lol.

Well I think you would be fine with a test only cycle bro.

250mg or 500mg 10 weeeks. It's all diet remember that. Good luck bro!!!!
For once.. (and I hate to admit this) I have to agree with Almightychoadswallower.... go with a test only cycle at no more than 500mgs a week and see how you react to it.... and KEEP A TRAINING LOG... I can't stress that enough.........