Id Like some Thaughts on my stack and post cycle therapy (pct) opinions plz

Id like some Input info on my Tren Ace/TestProp.Sust Eq.Deca.winny HGH cycle plz

am So Greatfull for an informitve site ...Thank you!
No referal to your site just theraly investigating my info for past 2 years. Im trying to get Xray from Doc for Deca for Jiont Lube.....
Came across some 10mill 30 iu Nutropin 8 units. and wuld realy like to utalize it.

I whant to abide by the LETTER OF THE LAW!! the bastereds "lol". I ran some when i was young Steriods.. wasent in formen..
My Planed 1st Real cycle is as followed PS" i have Ran 2 stacks prior to this and 1 or to Singel Gear cycles". " A 16 week cycle.. Consisting of Tren.Acet/Test.Prop. 50 mill EOD Reson is im not at my "Cryteria for Tren" 20lbs overe Ideal Bd weight ..250 mills Sust every 4days along with 200 mill EQ 200 deca all in a 4 day interva.. for 14weeks. then 100 mill Inject Winstrol (winny) Taken Oraly tho at 1/4 to 1/2 cc EDorEOD for last 2 weeks maybe 3weeks not to waste the remainder of it.
.. and going to start the HGH in 3rd week with your T3/T4 combo..this will go for 8 week's... """With a 3 week run at 8th week'In Midle Of cycle" of ither Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) or HMG.""".
So GH whuld end at the 11 week. 3 weeks left to use rest of gear"my Main Stack" =14weeks final 2 weeks consist of 2to3 weeks Winstrol (winny) that wuld=5to6 weeks off HGH... then post cycle therapy (pct) for 2or3 weeks to co enside with the Winstrol (winny) cycle so 2or3 weeks of Air clo and nova that= 7 weeks off total gh.. then run a short 4 weeks HCGorHMG starting @ week 14.

Along with a well reserched post cycle therapy (pct) and /Clom& Nova starting 3rd week @ end of Mian stack "week 13" till end of post cycle therapy (pct) ass long as during post cycle therapy (pct) i dont get Water gain... then a 4 week run of GH at the 8th week of ending the first runing of the HGH...Only Quest i have is the Cryteria to put forword to Doc to justafi the use of HGH and DECA..? guna get enzime test during cycle only the tren and Winstrol (winny) will be the prob.And wit the Livere test i can LEGALY order your Products with ot his Input.. any input/or recamendatcions wuld be Greatly Apprisheated.. I am verey well Informed in anatomy and cemistry .. im cunsolted verey often by friends..
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