In a bind with HCG not in stock


So I been taking test cyp and hcg for the past almost 10 years and within those years twice the pharmacy supplier couldnt manufacture it to supply the pharmacy. Those two times I had enough extra supply to get me through but this time I'm close to out. I called every pharmacy in my area within 50 mile radius and no one can get it in stocknfor the foreseeable future.

Im kinda stuck on what I should do? Is there an alternative to hcg i could ask my dr about? Should I just ask my dr about upping my test?


I think you will be fine without hCG for a short period of time. Your testicles aren't going to shrink to raisin size overnight or even in a month. It doesn't seem like it's anything to freak out about.

You could look into hMG as a substitute.

To avoid this in the future, order some from an Indian Pharmacy so you have a backup stockpile.