ingesting d-bol


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is it ok to drop the last few pills of d-bol b4 bed or should it be taken earlier like 3-4 hours b4 bed time? just curious
I would think the last dose, at least for me, must be taken 3-4 hours before bed, Dbol gets my blood pressure up, and my heart racing.
You can take them before bed if you prefer, but as a couple of the guys have stated it does have a tendency to get the BP up and for me caused a (at least what felt like) a temperature rise. When I took em before bed I was hot as shit. There is no non-benefical reason to not take them then. Try it and see how your body reacts.

I actually take them right at bedtime. Dissolving it while I go to sleep. The first couple nights are bad, but then you get used to it. I prefer to take them at bedtime.

You figure you are asleep 8 hours or so. That is a long time to be 'off'. It increases even more if you take 3 hours before bed. So I take mine at 10pm, then again at 7am.

Just my thoughts!

I was just wondering this, as I know some people advise taking GH before bed (though I dont) as that is when your bady is at rest & recovers the most...

So if dbol did not affect your sleep, what about ingesting some right before bed for the same reason, to help possibly boost your recovery & growth while at rest ?? I know its a long shot idea but it just came to mind.

Although Anadrol makes my BP rise, I had to switch them to before bedtime, until I got used to them, or else, I had trouble eating all day long. Anadrol seemed to let me be able to go to sleep, whereas dbol had me up till 2am when i tried it before bed.