Injection Question


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quick question

keep in mind first cycle
1 to 2cc of enanthate QV
6', 205lbs, 32 years old, 6years natural training
Pinz I have are 25g 1" long.

I plan on sticking the quads

my question is how many guys stick their calves.
my calves are very lean compared to quads.
I would think my chance of hitting "pure muscle" would be

I know quads of course are a larger muscle group but my calves are
in pretty could shape naturally.

comments are very appreciated

I shudder in pain just thinking about shooting calves.......

As far as pure muscle, that's where you inject all AAS, intra-muscular. You are shooting directly into muscle whether you choose glute, thigh, delt, etc.
IMO, If you are thinking about shooting your calves then be prepared to not able to walk for days.
Also, there are way too many veins that run in your calves, way too dangerous.
Just train them hard every 2 days, good luck
thanks feeddmachine,

my main fear is hitting a vein.

I will follow advice religiously.
A thousand times, No!
Use the quads or glutes.
I'm a little more experienced than you, therefore I've used glutes, quads, delts, even bi's, tri's, pects and traps... but I won't use calves!
Has anyone ever tried god even the thought of that is painful.....get a wheelchair!
Bunch of p*****s:D. Man shooting into your calves isn't to bad. I have done it with both 25g and 27g.....yes you fill a little discomfort just like with every shot but the pain dulls out quickly. Just walk on it right after the shot and you'll be pain free!