injure elbow ARM WRESTLING with buds ? any arm wrestlers here ?


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yeah it sucks that since ive gotten bigger seems all my buddies (we like to party)are always making me arm wrestle . i usually win 5 out of 6 matches so there always making me do this and if you argue that your afraid to hurt yourself and not be able to lift for a week they just mock you and say jokes like guys do .
i for example watched a new guy to our crowd (whos actually kinda big& is much taller than the rest of us)beat a couple of guys arm wrestling the other night when we had a party . well , of course they made me wrestle him and i won . the shitty part is this , he is left handed and we are all right . i beat him fairly easily with the right and then he had his ego hurt so wanted redemption with his left . i have been expieriencing slight joint discomfort in my left elbow and wearing a tight spandex arm brace a lot for it when training , etc . well i knew better but in fact like a dummy i said ok sounds cool and we wrestled lefty , MISTAKE !
we went at it hard for a few seconds and i suddenly felt like if i didnt give up i might really hurt my arm so i just gave . now ever since it has been killing me . it feels good enough to train CAREFULLY but it still sucks . bottom line is ill not wrestle left for a long , long time . hell im sitting it out next manly chest outing/beating session at one of our parties .
who here has this sort of a problem ? and what do you recommmend to strenthen these tendons specifically for arm wrestling ?:beertoast
I've seen this movie before and in fact I''ve starred in it once. The lesson to be learned is don't fuck around arm wrestling, you will eventually try to out muscle your opponent instead of using technique and you will get hurt.
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Where EXACTLY is the pain?
well if i extend my left arm striaght out like a jab or bench press , then rotate my wrist so the thumb side points down , it hurt in the lower elbow on the inner part + a little near the biceps elbow insertion . im drinking coffee gearing up to train it today . ill go moderate on my wieghts/sets etc. of course , but its feeling much better after mainly focussing on my legs instead past 2 weeks to let it heal up .
i do feel a slightest bit of discomfort . ill lay off the pullups and heavy rows + plus heavy curls one more weeks and only do moderate stuff . i need a reason to keep focussing on my legs and deadlifting again anyways . ill let you guys know how it feels after todays workout .
EASTO : yeah i need to stop arm wrestling .;)