Insulin question


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Ok, I've done my research and feel that I know everything that there is to know about insulin (humalog specifically), but have decided to keep reading and researching as there are some questions that I have not found an answer to.
One such question concerns cardio and insulin. If I were to wieght train for 1hr-1 1/2 hrs and then do 30 minutes of cardio would it be ok to inject humalog immediately after the cardio and start consuming my nutrients? Or do you guys think it would be more beneficial to do cardio in the am? I'm just curious as to your thoughts on this. Thanks
am cardio would be better, insulin will negate most of th epostive effects of the cardio, immeadeatley stopping fat burning
good reply bro, I was thinking same thing defeating its purpose to not burn fat, still good for heart and lungs I'd imagine.
Not for losing weight.