Let's have a tren talk. Not enough discussion going around these days


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Hey bros. Let's talk tren. Anyone with tren experience or even tren questions......let's hear it. I miss the discussions and debates we once had on here. Surely someone has something to say about tren. I am new to tren..... 2 cycles of tren E this year. Would love to hear your experiences or opinions.

Was tren worth it for you?

Did you have the typical sides from tren?

Will you do it again or do you prefer something else?

Anybody have an opinion on tren vs short ester testosterones?

I loved and hated tren. Immediately night sweats. Within 4 weeks cardio went to zero (even jerking off was exhausting) lol. Tired ALL THE TIME.
The results were there but at a heavy cost. Also diet had to be perfect to really get the true benefits. Which is true of any cycle but for me even more true of tren.

Anyway.....would love to hear anything you have to say about it.