IS WINNY WORTH it? sides vs gains of Stanozolol


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Everyone has heard of the infamous side effects of winny. (sore joints, tightness, etc) My question is, in your personal experience,for someone who does AAS as recreational (not competing) are the side effects worth the gains?

I took some oral winny several years ago and didn't really get any sides but it was a low dose for like 4 weeks at the start of a test only cycle. So, i personally have next to no experience with the compound.

I am just curious for a cutting cycle and getting hella dry and shredded is winny worth the sides or would you all suggest just sticking to some mast & var combos or something similar. (lets leave tren out of the convo for now)

Also, would running something like optimums mega 225 that has a mast(125) & stan(100) combo help with the sides at all by stacking? Or bc of the joint benefits of EQ maybe stacking some winny toward the beg of an EQ cycle

Im not getting on stage and don't NEED winny, I just sometimes want to experience looking like ive been vacuum packed hahahahah

Just looking for opinions and personal experiences
Winstrol gains are clean and dry because they don't carry any of the water ... It may be a milder steroid, but Winstrol has some side effects you should know about.
i've run test and masteron, test tren and masteron (now), and test mast and winny. and honestly i think i looked the most dry and full when i was doing test mast and winny

i did 50mg ED, a few days in i started getting joint pain in my ankle a bit, but mainly it really turned me into a dick especially right after taking it. i would take my 50mg and an hour or two later i would start saying some crazy shit to my girlfriend. not crazy mean, but like i would start acting very direct.

long story short, i was just thinking of using it again
Depending on your goal Winstrol is GREAT and it can do all of what the profile and the experienced cyclers and show people say. I for one LOVE IT.

As far as gains , really guys read the profile and see what experience people do and expect from Winstrol...

Not gains. Winstrol is a low anabolic and when you are happy with your gains LMM then you use Winstrol to bring it all out. Do you think a guy getting ready to cut for a show or just to show off LMM is thinking about gains.

Learn what this is all about for Gods sake.

If you use it properly you will be more then happy to see your LMM, veins , dryness etc.. to just jump out when you strike a pose.
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When i say "gains" I'm not referring to only size, or strength. Aesthetics, vascular, shreds, i consider any incremental progress in the direction of your current desired goal a "gain"
back in the day "93" pharma grade winnie was the shit, harsh on the liver but getting ripped yes you can, I preferred winnie as my dialed ripped look..
now day I don't know the ratio in anabolic it has since ugl has messed with it, I think ugl is less in my opinion..
winnie pharma amps used to be king with strength that goes hand with hand high on anabolic ..
ben Johnson olympian runner was an envy for looking hard and lean, body builders used to envy him, and he was only on winnie..
When i say "gains" I'm not referring to only size, or strength. Aesthetics, vascular, shreds, i consider any incremental progress in the direction of your current desired goal a "gain"

Well Holy Shit nice of you to come back to your own thread... Really WTF

Why did you even start this thread ? :flame:
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