isnt it pretty???

That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly.
needsize, keep us updated on your results. I haven't heard of too many people that have run this stuff. You can be our Guinea pig :)
I'd love to be the test subject, unfortunately I wont need it for a little while as the how isnt till late september, I do have some buddies that will be hittin it up soon though
mmmmmmm lfc..... been my favortie for a while.... But damn if i dont find the sources that stop shipping USA.... oh wells.

Is quest a canadian UG?
needsize said:
LFC doesnt have it, only quest, but it was my LFC rep that I got it from

I am shooting supras now. It hit the market this week i beleive, quest i guess is not the only one with it, by the way needsize, what dose are you running, i am only doing 100mg eod with the same dose of prop as i finish up on eq. I will be on for 6 weeks.
It is 75mg per ml, I thought it was 50mg but I was wrong. I havent decided on dose, I was thinking 75mg ed like tren possibly