just finished 12 week cycle...


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of deca, test, and d-bol...im up from 176lbs to 195lbs...ive decided to continue on to another cycle for the summer...anyone have any good ideas on what i should take to continue gaining good size?
question...Do you want to continue on your 12 week cycle or a whole new one? IMHO I would take a break before the next.
Take a break man, if you dont, I would say expect almost no gains from your upcoming "cycle."
definetly take a break and get your naturlal test back up, try and see if you keep your gains before you start another cycle
You'd better use some clomid (when starting it depends on what kind of testo you used), rest for some weeks, and then go for it again:D
Yea take a break at least as long as you was on, or ells is a good chance that you will lose it because your own production stops!