Just got my blood test results and need help (pic included)


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I'm 21 years old. Never used steroids (and don't intend to unless medically needed) but I thought you guys might be able to help me out.

I just got my blood results and they seem way off what's normal.

Picture : https://imgur.com/a/RTp6m

Text :

testosterone - free : >20.0pg/ml
testosterone - total : 5.15 ng/ml

Few questions :
1- I took the test right after my gym session before eating (had very small breakfast though of no more than 200cals). The lady who took my blood sample said workout doesn't affect it and neither does breakfast. But she doesn't seem like a medical professional and my googling result says that testosterone is affected after exercise. Is it significant enough for me to go and ask them for a retest (Or even demand it because of her failure to address the fact that workout will mess up the results after I asked)?

2- Is it common for them to write ">##" instead of writing the actual number? I don't understand why wouldn't they just write the actual result instead of saying that I'm above normal, should I ask for a more precise result?

3- Given that this is my actual result, should I be concerned or delighted? I'm trying to build muscle and my understanding is more testosterone = good.

4- Should I consult a doctor? (Please don't take this lightly I'm broke and it's very expensive, will only do if it's extremely necessary).

Thanks a lot.
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blood test is no good if you had breakfast, you need to fast overnight and then have a blood test done.

Firstly, thanks for the reply :).

What you're saying is contradicting what the nurse said and what I'm finding online. Everywhere online it says that testosterone tests don't require fasting. I'll wait for other opinions before I go screaming into the clinic lol.