Just got my stuff from TP, a couple questions


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TP stuff just came in, all the protein looks fine, it just took a sec to decypher all the writing.

The consistency of the supps surprised me a little and I just wanted to check if they were the same thing everybody else has recieved.

  • CEE is white, very powdery, like flour.
  • AAKG is yellowish, kinda reminds me of some glutamine I had a long time ago (I think glutamine peptide, not micronized)
  • The taurine is translucent-white, granular.. kinda like a mix between table salt and sugar

Both the taurine and the CEE had decent size clumps in them, is that normal?


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My CEE and Taurine are clumped up... probably from moisture in the air. Stuff still works :D


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Thanks.. I just mashed most of it up against the side with a fork.. that didn't help much w the CEE though. That went right back together!

Also, I got a scoop w/ my taurine (1 thing it's a teaspoon).. is there supposed to be on in the AAKG and CEE?