Just want to show my next cycle! its a biggie, also includes my lean bulking diet.


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So its finally time for tren. my last cycle was 500/week test, 500/week EQ, (helped with shoulder injury) and 50mg/day Winstrol (winny) to finish up last 5 weeks. (shoulder pain came back after the Winstrol (winny) began lol) Also took 7mg of aromasin a day which shut me down hard!!! so lowered the dose and it was fine. but it kinda wrecked my cycle...will never do underground AI's ever again. Or serms for that matter. pharm grade all the way. i just cant risk having under or overdosed stuff and mess me up again.

Now im ready for a different approach. its winter time, and time to bulk up. i created a nice vascular lean look with my last cycle, but im ready to get the pounds much higher, im 190 11-12% bf and 5'10, ready to get to 215 and get leaner, goal is 8%bf. To do so, iv brought in the big guns. Here is a list of my next cycle, i will follow that along with my lean bulk diet. i believe this combination will get me to my goal. So here it is:

week 1-16 600mg test pentanon (its innovagen's version of Sustanon (sust) with a fifth ingredient (cypinate)
week 4-16 350mg tren acetate (from innovagen)
week 4-16 400mg fast acting masteron (from innovagen)
week 4-16 300mg decca (from british dragon) This is for joint relief as i had shoulder surgery, going to try this over EQ
Week 1-16 0.5mg arimidex twice a week (pharmaceutical grade $265 for 30 1mg tabs...yikessss)
Also have caber ($225 for 8 1mg tabs....wowwwserzzz) for emergencies, as i never had tren or decca before. Just in case i start lactating. Other than that the low dose of 0.5mg of arimidex twice a week should be sufficient since test is the only culprit for aromatization. Tren, decca, and masteron do NOT aromatize. as a matter of fact, the Masterol could help suppress aromatization slightly, and even help burn fat?!?! (correct me if im wrong here)

If i want a harder look towards the end il add in:

week 11-16 50mg/day Winstrol (winny) tabs (from alpha-pharma)
But i doubt i will need it as 4 compounds should be sufficient.

Here is the diet i will begin once i start the first week of test. its about 1000 calories more than what im having now..and its cleaner calories.

Meal 1 6am

1 scoop protein powder
3 egg whites
100g cooked ground beef
2/3 cup oatmeal blended in shake with protein and 1/2 cup fruit and skim milk.
2 slices of Ezekiel bread
5g glutamine
multi vitamin

meal 2 8am

1 scoop protein powder
3 egg whites
100g cooked ground beef
2/3 cup oatmeal blended in shake with protein and 1/2 cup fruit and skim milk.
2 slices of Ezekiel bread

Meal 3 11am or 12am

150g of cooked meat
1 ½ cups cooked basmati rice
1 cup veggies green
5g creatine (off days take here)
100g of grapejuice (off days along with creatine)

Post workout shake

30g protein powder and 60g dextrose
5g creatine
5g glutamine

Post workout meal 4 (eat 1 hour after shake) 2pm or 3pm

150g meat
350g cooked potatoes
half an avacado
cup of green veggies

Meal 5 5pm or 6pm
1 heaping scoop of protein
half avocado
1 cup of greens

Meal 6 8:00pm
150g of meat
mixed green salad 2 cups worth, with 1 table spoon olive oil and balsamic
3 cla

Meal 7 before bed
9 egg whites
10 fish oil pills
2 Cla
7 almonds
5g glutamine
multi vitamin

So most people wouldnt call this a lean bulk, but more of a bulker. but there is alot of science behind this diet. I train many bodybuilders for shows with this type of outlined diet, and it works extremely well for certain body types. for an ectomorph like myself with fast metabolism, this is what i need to gain. its hard enough holding on to 190 right now. i may however need to adjust the diet along the way depending on how i am looking...

thanks for viewing any questions or advice let me know! The pictures of the stuff im using are posted in the picture section of the forum. you will see all the gear im using.


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