Opinions on my protein/supplement types.. Planning on ordering from TrueProtein


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This is just for the protein types... I'm planning on consuming carbs of course.. Also sometimes (about half the time, save the post workout) I eat a meal instead of the said proteins.. This is just for opinions on those situations when I do.

FYI: Meals are morning, mid-morning, lunch, preworkout (usually), post workout, dinner, then Bedtime.

Morning - 40g Egg White Protein, Multi
Noonish - 7g CLA
Pre-workout - 10g whey iso cold filtered, 10g micellar casien, 3g CEE, 5g Taurine, 8g Arginine AKG
Post-workout - 30g whey iso cold filtered, 20g micellar casien, 3g CEE, 5g Taurine
Bedtime - 40g Micellar Casien, ZMA, 5g arginine AKG, 3 Tbsp Flaxseed Oil.

Opinions? Specifically on the protein choices but everything else as well.

I plan on ordering the proteins seperately and mixing them myself.


Dont taze me, bro.
1. dont buy CLA
2. youre making the protein thing way too complicated. Buy two types of protein: a whey isolate (pick whichever one you want, cold filtration is fine) and the teamskip blend. Use whey PWO, and teamskip at all other times.
3. I just take my supps pre and post workout, not on off days.