karachi Sustanon


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yo guys.

I just started using Karachi sustanon and it fucking feels like someone punched me in the ass everytime I inject it. Whats up? Another kind of Sustanon didn't do this....
Yeah it will do that. NOTE to self: if you do side arm injections plan it around your arm workout. Cuz your arm will be sore as fuck for 2-3 days. Glutes are not so bad..just a sore lump. At first, I thought I had an absest and got all freaked out.

I'm in my 7th week and I'm use to it. However, ever 2-3 weeks, I do side arm injection to allow the glutes some rest. Not looking forward to Monday as my right arm day.
yo diverse_guy,

Good lord, in the arm? I'm not feeling that bro. I think I'll keep sticking it in my ass. I havn't messed around with any other inject sites...

Do you get different results from different inject sites?
injections site results are the same. From what I hear as long as it goes into a large muscle, your body will absorb, etc. The only reason I switched up with arm, was becaseu my fucking glutes were killing me and I though I had an infection and did not want to risk anyhting. But I later realized that it was just the Karachi that caused that lump. Funny thing, my Organon Sus from mex does not burn as hurt as much as the Pakistan Karachi (yellow label) I'm doing 1.5 amps Monday and Thursdays.

My friend washes her hands real good, find a good spot to inject in my arm, and then slaps the FUCK outta my arm and then here comes Mr. Needle.
I have been using delts only with Organon Karachi. It's weird, some shots hurt for days and others I feel nothing. 12 weeks of delt shots!!! I wonder how much scar tissue I accumulated?
I guess it's just me cause it doesn't seem to bother me at all.
Maybe i'm used to it by now...
I do feel it a bit after first few injections, then it just doesn't matter....your body will get use to it and it won't hurt as much....you'll be fine...