Keifei labs? Testobolin-325/Equibolin 250


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Evening gents

Has anyone used Keifei labs?
I have just started testobolin 325 and Equibolin 250, I am doing 1ml Thursday 1ml Tuesday and I’m gonna run it for 16 weeks

The test has an unusual blend and I want to know everyone’s thoughts and thoughts on the cycle itself


Test acetate 30mg
Test decanoate 100mg
Test prop 55mg
Test phenylpropionate 55mg
Test cyp 85mg

It’s not my first cycle and I’m 175cm in height and 85kg lean, what ever advice you can give would be great thanks in advance
Those are alot of esthers with diferent life spans, youll have to stay dialed into your ai very good via blood works.
Its yoru first cycle and your mixing up 5 diferent testosterones, NOT good idea.
Best to stick to 1 testosterone to establish your baseline and see how your body reacts to each diferent test as you cycle along.
Now if you have any side issues you will not know which test is causing it and wreck hell with your E2 levels and all that comes with that.