kidneys getting better


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Just got results back from the nephrologist and he said my kidneys are fine. My creatinine levels are still a bit above normal range but have come down. My blood urea nitrogen is still a bit high but just outside normal range. And everything else is perfect. liver values all within range. I still have to do a follow up in six months. I think I should probably stay off the sauce till we know every thing is perfect. My cycle that I was on was wintsrol. If and when I do my next cycle would anybody know if I should stay away from Winstrol (winny)? I heard it is more taxing on the kidneys than other steroids. should I stick to a lower dose test cycle since it is more natural to the body and longer acting so less taxing to kidneys? when I ask this it is assuming that my kidney values have gone back to normal before I start again. It was just to scary a thought facing the possibility of renal failure. Any advice and info would be great.
Anything that make you hold water, or raise blood presure will be bad on the kidney's, Keep a close wacht on them, because Kidney failur is not joke bro.
snake said:
blood test and the brand was spectro

I should have been more specicfic. Did you have symptoms to lead you to get a blood test? If so what were they? Also I suspected my spectro eq of being dirty too. It must have been from the last batch or something but man did I feel like shit on it.
I did feel like crap on it. I was just getting routine blood work done after cycle. I did notice that it made me feel like shit after a while on my last batch too. I never even finished the bottle cause every time i took a shot I felt like shit for a few days. I wonder if there is a connection.
I felt the same way aftertaking British Dragon prop, i had pin in kidneys and felt like crap. Had pain everytime i injected the crap. Trhrew the rest out, urine was smelling bad and sometimes cming out cloudy. BAD SHIT, don't even try thr british dragon prop.