Kinda stupid basic cutting question

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Whether or not this has anything to do with "anabolics" I don't know, but I figure I'd post here since this is where everyone is at.

Thing is I'm planning on meeting a "friend" in the states for the first time in late April now. Yeah yeah I want to impress her (don't give me shit for this! lol).

Bodyfat is around 12% @ 190lbs @ 5'8", mainly concentrated on love handles and sides of chest and glute/hams.

I have extremely fast metabolism cause I'm naturally small-boned (asian), but reason why I've got more fat than usual is b/c I've been bulking for a while now. Oh and my damn face is bloated of course. This has all been done drug-free.

Now thing is I want to go on a "cutting" diet, since I've technically never "officially" been on one per se.

So given my fast-metabolism (and asian genetics) what is a reasonable amount of fat I can lose per week lets say if I start this week??

I hate to start cutting now as I would still like to bulk up and put on the weight (another 15lbs or so).

Okay as a side curiousity question, is there any way to put on weight (muscle) and lose fat at the same time?? Fine would be best for this purpose right?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!
Its hard to add muscle and lose fat at the same time, but it can be done. As far as how much, i dont know. Whats your current diet like?
As far as cycle goes, prop/tren is a good way to go. Depending on your cycle history, a good dosage would be anywhere from 50-75mg ed of prop, and 37.5-75mg ed of tren. I would throw in a good ECA and ALA, or even clen.
If you start a low complex carb "cutting diet" you can lose up to 1% BF every week (i do). Cut out all simple carbs and eat maybe 50-75g of complex carbs a day. Eat lots of protein to help preserve muscle, but the only way to really keep it is being on juice.
I would def do a prop and tren like roadhouse suggested, not only will you be able to get cut quickly with a clean diet, but if you include an moderate amount of carbs (cycle between 100-200gm or so) I'll bet that you'll put on a decent amount of muscle. You may want to start lowering the carbs half-way or so to speed up the fat loss if you don't think you'll get as lean as you want. Just make sure to use enough ana or letro, keep lifting heavy, eat plenty of protien, get enough rest (you know the basics). I'd suggest 75mg tren and 50mg prop ED. Good luck.
Hmm so roughly ~1% bdf per week natural.

Well thanks for the suggestions guys but I've never done a cycle before (all natty thus far). I'm ready to do one though, but stilll need to learn more.

I don't even know where to get this shit anyway. Okay fina I can make myself and obtain legally, but test, etc???

I need to start a cycle soon dammit!!