L-f-c Results


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hey bro's,
well, i have to say that the results of my lfc cycle have vastly exceeded my expectations!
i am running tren@75mg ed,prop@100mg ed,winny@50mg ed
results are amazing.....i have a lot of expierence w/ this cycle.
i have used homebrew,brovel,virormone,and zambons to run the same cycle as above in the past. LFC blows them all away!
i am 6'4" 257lbs@ 11%bf (calipers)
my diet is fairly strict, i am also running gh @ 6iu's/day
bro's....i highly suggest you look into this gear!
keep growing, and god bless!
Ya, I'm using the LFC Enanthate along with some of the old Spectro Dbols and a mix of Spectro and LFC Tren.

So far, so good. Of course its only been like 3 weeks but I will try to keep everyone posted on my results.
Finishing up my lfc taper cycle:

wk 1: 400 mg enath
wk 2: 400 mg enath
wk3-9 200 mg enath

week 1-3 25mg spectro dbol daily

Up 11 pounds completely lean.
i'll be starting my LFC cycle soon . i'll be using enanthate and fina.

very excited. read nothing but good things about this lab