Left testes hurting just alittle bit

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have you guys ever had your testes (balls) hurt just a bit when
cycling on test cyp/enanth(high doses: around 900-1000mg/week)?

has that ever happened? is this normal? or should i consult my physician?
fuck dude. i am the same except it is my right ball hurting. i would also like to have some info on this as well
i think youll be fine the only thing i would worry about its lumps or extreme pain. other wise its problly sumthing stupid like your getting backed up.
ya it happens to me sometimes while on cycle.. it's just ur nuts shutting down most likely... it'll eventually go away.. but if it doesn't go see a doc
I've had it once or twice, but it wasn't steroid related in my case. How long do you have it?
could just be ur system shuttind down, if the pain doesnt go away you could have a bacterial infection... i went to the doctors cuz the same thing happened to me and i could barely walk from the pain, was diagnosed with epididymitis... its just an infection, meds took it away in 3 days, funny thing though, the doctor told me to go home and wack off cuz sperm is a cleanser, so it would clean my system out down there if i masterbated... kinda funny, but it worked, and the meds helped
Crazy thing, ya know, but one of my boys feels a little strange too. Just finished my first cycle of test only. I deff. got shut down hard after 37 years of my own ball brew. So I made an appt. with the doctor to get it checked. I'm running nolva and waiting for my sack to inflate again. Next cycle I will run hcg. But i'm curious to see what the doc says anyway. Might as well take advantage of my $4000 a year medical ins. That's one good thing you Canadian's have going for ya'.
been doing 1000mg test enan nd 500mg of eq a week for 3 weeks now ,no problems, u just need to have lots of sex..my loves it when i'm on gear ..
Testicular pain is normal both on cycle and during PCT. It's just your testicles either atrophying or enlarging. Nothing to worry about unless the symptoms persist or there are other symptoms.
need advise on pct after a long time of aas.

was on testosterone for more than a year!
planning to go off of it. i know my testes are shutdown.....

should i use hcg during my last 5 or 6 weeks(using 500ius a day) and then take clomid 2 weeks after my last shot? it seems like the most reasonable thing to do. For some reason i couldn't have kids with my fiance when i was (and still am) on juice. but hopefully the post cycle therapy (pct) would make my boys go back to normal.

advice and comments(mature) please.

this is something serious and am planning to have a baby with her.

thanks guys.

Same thing happend to me after I was OFF for about 1.5months after a sust/dbol cycle.

I started to get worried because it would cramp up for a few seconds.. then go away.. and keep doign that for a few days..

Its fine now though.
I get the occasional sting in my left testis. I was concerned about it hurting every so often so often so I scheduled an appointment to see my urologist. No lumps or anything like that. He told me it was sensitive skin. Didn't seem right...but I went with it. He told me to keep all soap off the area and scrub them down with Alpha Keri Oil when showering. It actually cut down the number of times I'd feel the pain by 80%. It still hurts occasionally though...doctor just gave me an anti inflammatory for my bad tendonitis in my shoulder and said it may help with the nut. I've just written the pain off as the occasional discomfort.

The pain started after my first cycle last year. I ran HCG twice weekly at 300 iu and ran Nolva for post cycle therapy (pct). My bloodwork recently came back outstanding so I know the boys are still working and my post cycle therapy (pct) worked.
i need a pct protocol!

guys...give me a post cycle therapy (pct) plan ( i was on test for a year! 700-1000mg/week)

Well, I personally would not use that amount of HCG maybe first week but then no more then 500iu 2x's/week up until a few days before post cycle therapy (pct) starts, using nolva regular post cycle therapy (pct) dose and just continueing it after that month if you feel the need for it.

After 1 year, I would consider using IGF-1LR3 or Slin.

What doses are you running?
Another possibility is that stupid infection that you can get as a result of straining with heavy weight and not having an empty bladder. It seems most prevailant when squating, dead lifting, and doing leg presses.

It turns out that if you have a bit of urine in your bladder and you are straining with something heavy, the urine can be forced the wrong way...into your testes. As a result, you get a very painful infection that feels like a perpetual hammer to a nad on concrete. It is debilitating at times. For some, it lasts only 3-5 days, for others it might last two weeks.

A doctor will prescribe this one anti-b that works for it. The worst part is that once you have had this a single time....you will likely have it again. The condition is there and the chance is much greater than before. In fact, I spoke with a freind today that has to have this surgically removed.

So be careful. If it feels different than the normal BS with atrophy and growth....get it checked out. It is not a result of being on cycle. Good luck.

Sorry, for the life of me I can't think of the name of it right now......epi (something or another).