the best PCT I have ever ran-libido, Erectile dysfunction, gyno, natty sups covered


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Ok Guys, I'm new here,

I have been doing huge amounts of research into the best options for PCT, including, HCG, nolva clomid etc,

A bit of background, I am 26 yo, have ran basic cycles of 600mg test + 40mg dbol 4-5 weeks each cycle, totaling of 4 cycles, each cycle I have tried various AI methods as I am gyno prone and ED sensitive so of course PCT is a huge concern, during my cycles my libido is solid, erections solid, can go 3-4 times a night, fiance loving it, but then come week 10 libido tapers down through out to PCT then is totally lost and sometimes abit of ED. nightmare each time.

Anyways this time, I had was involved in a nasty car accident ( I wasn't driving or in a car, I helped out) and was badly injured as a result, hospital etc and lost a lot of weight, I mean...ALOT of weight, barely any muscle left, got my diet sorted, back to cardio, then sorted out weight gain diet and lifting again, now Im back at a basic 14.6st 19%bf (as a result of current bulk cycle, I am now cutting).

Any way, I was super conscious because last cycle I did (600mg test e, 300deca, dbol) shut me down insanely bad,NO sex drive NO erections, nakkered me up totally for like 2-3 months.

I was single for about 4 weeks of this time period and I met my now fiance, with no sex drive, I used my accident as an excuse for not having sex with her at the time but was borrowed time!

Any way I searched into natty ways to produce test etc. Long story short I ended up using gojii berry, trib and panax....still nothing.....I dropped the trib and panax and just used gojji and golden root....WORKED!!!! not amazing, but enough to buy me some time with the new girl friend and not have her think I was gay or didnt fancy her and to show I am great in bed!

Anyways I was still unhappy A with my current size (As I had lost it all due to accident) and my I cycled again after having about 5 months off...

So this is my most recent cycle:

750g test c weeks 1-16, 40mg dbol weeks 1-4, proviron throughout with nolva on hand

Ok so my libido as you will all have guessed was through the roof for like 2 months, I was very happy, made excellent gains (my profile pic is recent, but if you saw me after the accident I was like 11 stone with nothing on me, before then I was rather large with very low body fat and very happy with it)

No gyno whatsoever due to prov. keeping estrogen down enough, possibly a little too much though as gains were a little slower,

Sex drive insane and gains nice and steady and a very impressed girl friend.

As I said, week 10 I noticed sex drive lacking a little, no ED though, just lack desire-I will also note that I decided to stop using proviron for 4 days as I was planning to end cycle in 2 weeks and wanted to come off prov. this is where the low sex drive appeared in this 4 day gap, thinking estrogen spike from rebound? so i started it again with still no change....

I started trying a lot of things, but experimented instead which resulted in a planned 12 week cycle ending up 16,

Now had I known my cycle would end up 16 weeks YES I would have HCGd it 5 weeks in but hey ho...didnt know....

SO! I thought Id cruise a little tapering down my test to 300-400mg a week for the last month or so,

not much change....

at about week 13-14 when I decided I wanted to come off and clear receptors and get natty test back, I decided to start prepping my body for natty test production; this is where the supps research came in and HCG predicament that is still ongoing! to HCG OR NOT!

I tried tribulus (95% sop) HGW (5mg icariin), gojjii berry at first with golden root to aid any potential ED issues (I swear by golden root!) and AAKG.

No change in libido...still low....and it became that low that my willy wouldnt work because I just wasnt interested, and my girl friend is a model....insanely hot...I worship the ground she walks on so dont give me the "get a better looking gf"

so then I started considering HCG for 10 days after last test pin and with 4 days to clear before PCT...

first HCG injection...Libido...HELLLOOOOO!!!!! returned, excellent, within days testes started filling again and increasing in size...happy days....problem was within a day or two between each 1000ui injection every 3 days of HCG my libido would go back down and started getting nipple ache!! nooooo gynooo!!! so I had to pop small doses of nolva (Which is a no no when on HCG ideally but rather that than aggravate gyno) only now and again though, not every day and only 10-20mg nolva on occasion did the trick, also ran Proviron at 50mg ed.

What I will note which a lot of you will find important is my DEPRESSION during this stage...
I noticed at about week 11 I was feeling quite down (after the 4 day prov break) and got worse, and worse and I couldnt feel any emotions at all, love, nothing...people noticed...a lot....

When I started the HCG this changed but I became quite emotional, but I was happy to be feeling again...

Now I have NEVER felt depressed on any of my cycles before...ever...yes mood swings ie. aggression and snapping...but not depression...this was a first,

more and more research continued during the early stages of HCG,

I came across theories involving Vit B6 AND B12...I picked up some B6...noticed a slight increase in sex drive, very slight, at doses of 600mg! (short term as I know it is toxic long term) but more notable my MOOD improved further...the new issue was I couldnt last more than 4-5 mins during sexy time..penetrative that is...I am known for finishing when Im told too if you get this was a shock for us both :/ and a concern! research into b6 and histamine proved an explanation, I wont go into that though, thats another matter,

I then had some well recommended panax turn up and added that to my prov, hcg, hgw and trib (5 days on 2 days off trib) and MACA!!!

Now Im not sure about the MACA, people rave over it, I didnt see much difference with it, it was the addition of the B6 that made the quicker results of improved mood and libido, now I know its a progesterone suppressant but I havnt taken tren etc???? either way it worked a treat to boost things a LITTLE,

I am now 11 days in from my last pin, finished the HCG, PCT starts in 3 days which is just good old nolva protocol as I have had used every other cycle with great success, heres how everything looks (no bloods yet sorry for you blood guys)

HCG-10 days, every 3 days @ 1000ui
prov-50mg (stopped now ready for pct)
MACA-3000-4000mg a day
gojji berry
HGW 5mg icariin
AAKG (Two before bed=1000mg)
tribulus extra strength (2-3 times a day) (5 days on 2 off)
VIT B6+B12 (mega dose b6-400-600mg ed)
VIT D3****
Golden root before sexy time for that ED back up just in case!
Damiana cigarettes!!!!****

So today, day 11 after last test pin, for about a week, I have had a good few night time erections, and a little bit of an erection in the morning, not like when I was cycling test, but still something, I have the rare sex dream too..which for someone about to start PCT, having came off a highly supressed cycle, with VERY low sex drive at one point, is a BIG improvement! And the urge to jac! off and like I said, actually want sex now!

VIT D3- Now this is a funny one this, I searched it and some people reported a fatter more plump "member" using it with potential mild libido enhancing results; I took one, a few hours later before getting a shower (cold march bare in mind...shrivel usually!) it was hanging there all fat and vascular looking rather impressive!!!! I had also noticed a very slight increase in libido in the days to follow, only slight, but still something!
-I will note that Im not sure which of these supps does it, but take my word when I say my member has grown...flacid and I have always been happy at 6.5-7" never complained, and my fiance is naturally rather...small....and sometimes its a LITTLE bit of a struggle to fit in, but she noticed two things, first of all, it felt bigger inside with more of a struggle, it looked bigger, and was bigger in she noticed the condom was on rather tight afterwards and had left a rather nasty rib imprint at the base of my willy, so at some point, my willy has filled up with some size!

Damiana cigs- Ok so this one might be new to some of you, I bought some as it is SUPPOSEDLY a natty aphrodisiac but I am HUGE skeptic on ANYTHING good in life....but bought some none the less because I am an e-cig smoker and they suck, no tabbacco or anything added, just pure Im not sure if this has helped....but a DAY after smoking 3....4th on the morning of the second day, I noticed I was 4-5 of pure 750mg a week test horny....random semis, grabbing my girl all the time, had sexy time while camping over the weekend, was insanely good, literally minuets after, semi again wanting it again....YES!!!

Now the problem I have is...I dont know exactly at what point, or which supp, or combination of these supps, has made me feel like my natty test has already returned, or HCG? Or ALL!??

Either way, my plumbs have returned to normal size after being a little shrunk, but I think prov helped maintain a little plumb size tbh, grear wasnt bunk, gains were too fast and good and libido was insane as mentioned,

But The point of this thread is, where are you guys in PCT or cycles now, how are you being affected, and this is my recommendation for those who are depressed, suffering low libido and possible ED, and how I have SO FAR! recovered, but PCT is about to begin in 3 days...and this could soon change, but Im doubtful it will revert as Im confident I have natty test production back...

Another note regarding my exp with ZMA---for some reason I noticed when taking this 45 mins before bed, were the night my libido was particularly LOW and had ED issues, stopped taking them with the other stuff and no issues....Im avoiding it for now!

so Once again, currently my PCT stack is (3 days before my PCT starts remember so the below was started about 11 days ago)
Vitamin b6 600mg ed,
vit b12
Maca 3000-4000mg a day,
trib high dose (5 on 2 off)
panax 6250mg ed
damiana cigs (Im smoking 3-4 a day) (these are also available in tablet form for those who dont want to smoke it but I havnt tried them!)
prov (up until today) @50mg ed (although before adding these other supps literally made no difference to libido!)
gojii berry x2 a day
AAKG (1000mg before bed/sexy time)
golden root (or viagra cialis if you can get it cheap enough) before sexy time

Ephedrine, I had also started a 6 week eph cycle, tapering up, with caff asp, but decided to drop this as it makes me irritable, which with the depression was just making life harder, also, I have ECA stacked about 4 times in life so far with AMAZING results, NEVER had eph d*ck, but the science behind how it affects your bp and blood flow etc put me off the risk or running it during pct to FURTHER reduce any risk of potential ED!

So thats it, very long, but for you who want some one who has guinea pigged these supplements for an effective pre-PCT/PCT cycle for libido, mood and Erections, this is what I got!

Like I said, I am still 3 days from starting PCT nolva its self, but like I said, at week 10-11 of 16 my libido started to dwindle, last pin was 11 days ago, hcg every 3 days for 10 days, added with them above supps, MOOD is better, almost like when I was at college with no money worries, no job worries, no bills to pay, and life was bliss! And personally, I think a lot is to do with the B vitamins and I have used trib and panax and hgw before with only very mild results, but these seem to work a treat when used together in returning your mind, mood, and libido back to normal after a long cycle!

ANOTHER NOTE is I have just recently purchased some melanotan 2 to start mid week this week as it is supposed to have a great affect on mental libido, I will update after a week of using that to see where things stand! Heard great things about it so...why not!?

either way, weather you think its placebo affect, or genuine or whatever, my libido, confidence, erections have returned and I have even got a little bit of size gain in my member, weather it is long term I do not know, I have used AAKG before and yes it feels like its full of water kind of and smooth but not bigger so it isnt that.....I think its the D3 tbh, but either way, my mood is MUCH better, I feel like me again, my sex drive is much better and Im still lifting the weight I was toward the peak of my cycle, yes Im still yet to start PCT properly but its a good start to a proper PCT!

My conclusion is, HCG kicked my plumbs back into action, I probably had too high TEST in my blood with nearly no estrogen hence lack of libido, HCG caused spike in estrogen hence libido increase and achey nips, but the addition of the B vitamins, maca, panax, trib, HGW, d3, DAMIANA (for deffs), gojji and AAKG has helped along the HCG in kick starting the plumbs and have raised my natty test levels up from rock bottom and got me out of a deep depression, even suicidal at one point!

All thats left is to run 4 weeks nolva (lower dose given Im not having any gyno issues as of yet, if I see an influx in estrogen related sides I will up the nolva during pct but for now 20-30mg a day weeks 1-2 10-20mg weeks 2-4 all being well!

Hope this has helped anyone wondering about PCT, LIBIDO, GYNO, ED and general PCT/natural supplements questions!

Floor is open to anyone with questions!
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Ok So an update:

I am now day 3 into my actual PCT and my sex drive is still there, not raging like it was during my cycle, but I have had no ED issues and my girl sat on my lap last night for a kiss and I had a raging hard on! Which for some of you will know when you have crashed hard that just wouldnt normally happen especially during PCT

I have been having sex dreams too! Waking up every day with a boner and during the night too, my desire isnt THAT great, but its still there! And I assume as time progresses through PCT it will start picking up more

Changes in my stack:

I have stopped the VIT B6+12 as I got Premature ejaculation and didnt go!
To supplement I added HTP-5 @ 300mg 2 hours before sexy time...couldnt finish!! brilliant haha! one extreme to the next, but she had an amazing time, so did i, and i would rather not finish than PE!!!! (when i say PE I dont mean super bad pe...i mean just during penetrative sex within a few mins, not as soon as she touches it haha!)

But either way Im sure the HTP-5 was the culprit to that

ALSO I have added cordyceps as I have read some AMAZING stuff on 3-4mg on far nothing...only taken them 4mg for one day though but apparantly you feel the effect in about 4 hours....not the case here :/ not yet anyway, BUT My workout on my arms a couple hours after taking them was insane, I was so pumped and vascular and full of energy! So would reccomend it for training purposes

ALSO I have just had Melanotan 2 arrive, took 0.25mg afternoon, had a blood rush to the face then other sides (if you search Melanotan 2-libido its supposed to be insane for random boners etc) later that night took another 0.25mg....still today Im going to try 0.5mg this afternoon, see where that ends up, if still no boners or libido and no sickness (because thats a notorious side I DONT want) I will take another 0.5mg a couple of hours before bed=1mg and update on that!

I will also add.....I may have cheekily had a 50mg tramadol tablet last night before jiggy too....but I am a hard core vet with tramadol, like its usually 250-300mg needed to have an effect on last longer in i took 50mg....and couldnt finish with the not convinced it was because of the tramadol, I know my body on tramadol and couldnt even really feel its opiod effects let alone delaying ejac! I think its a combination of the I will now try jiggy hopefully tonight with just the HTP-5 and a desensitising condom by durex and see how that goes and update

So to summarize- took HTP-5 and 50mg tramadol-couldnt finish, stopped ephedrine and vit b6+12, started cordyceps and melanotan 2....will update tomorrow if I have jiggy tonight :)

Another note updated: I took 0.5mg MT2 again this afternoon, started VIT B6+12 again to see if adding the HTP-5 and antihistamine will help the PE, but a note I want to add, I have had THE hardest erection since ever! It wasnt spontaneous which is a side of MT2 im waiting/hoping for, it was induced lol...but wow....seriously thick, big and hard, very impressed with this combo so far!
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Brother, do not take this in the wrong way but you are all over the place. You need some blood work asap to see where you at since you been taking shot after shot here and all it's been in the dark. Stop experimenting with your body and try to get things in order the right way. Bloods will show where you at and what needs to be adjusted. Also as far as the pct goes, I would add clomid in there as well since nolva alone won't cut it. Good luck !!
Whew fuck me bro you are very comprehensive and have definitely convinced me of 1 thing and that is you need to remember a few simple
axioms when tweaking and the augmentation of your hpta.

Tapering is pointless as 100 test or deca will turn off your natty as completely as 1000. It s not a water faucet...ur either on ( hot water) or off( cold).
There s no mixing for " just right. You don t give your recpetors " a break". U regenerate cells. You get off and re set your hpta with either time or pct and TIME.

I M O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your confusing and potentially totally stopping your bodies ability to go back to homeostasis. Tribulis ?Prohomes vitamin s horny goat weed, bat gwana or tigers testicles.

I M O stop with the gnc poster boy..I ve rarely used sup s except for caloric intake, liver support when running orals and fkn food. I m not against them...Halfwit s the resident sup master..I know others here are good but I m old school.

To get bigger--lifter harder eat more do aas. To get off fkn stop aas run pct...stay off but eat smart and lift smarter.
E D ? Quit thinking about your dick and what will get it to work better. Quit thinking about your cock and start thinking about her sweet spot and get on with it.

I must admit I have never seen or known anyone to take that many sup s. But I am making an observation not a criticism OK ?

My avi is current. I lift, eat, sleep, trt it and run lil blasts of low dose as I m old man..BLLOODS DETERMINE THEM AND ONLY BLOODS. Not my sex drive or crying in the Hallmark store...My penis is a depleted uranaium armour piercing dart/appendage who rarely let s me down. Add a 1/5 of PSL cialus it needs a tie down as there s kids in and out all day.

Simplify your bodies processing of all that....and just...roll with it. I ve lost 30 plus pounds 3 times in 10 years due to medical, drug abuse and cancer. U r young. Slow down . U have time.

How do afford all that...feel free to dog me if needed. I respect people if they can do it and can in such a manner as to help me out.
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hey teutonic thanks for the reply,

By break that what I meant, a break to regenerate

With regards to the supps and the pro horomones supps-this is just a PRE-PCT/beginning PCT protocol I am testing as I crashed very badly with libido and ed, and so far has worked VERY well!

I am slowly cutting bits out and dont intend to run all through my PCT-so that my body has had a bit of a kick start so to speak and PCT will do the rest in returning homeostasis!

I have so far cut out HGW and gojji and AAKG- I have viagra and use it, I have a lot of people saying use viagra or cialis! thats your answer! not when you have NO sex drive....cialis wont do jack when you arent turned on at all! I know this from taking viagra when I had no sex drive, now its back, works amazing! Having no ED issues anymore really!

So all in all, the supps have worked, it was only a short term "boost" to my PCT-and I have to say I feel the best on this PCT than any other before! mentally and physically

Youll find a lot of the supps I have taken are cheap as chips btw-not costly at all-not even close to a cycle cost

But like I said, I am cutting back on supplements and winding things down now my body has had that kick start!

As for bloods, I am aware its the MOST important aspect to getting right, BUT atm, just starting PCT-first week-my bloods will be totally skewered until SERMS are done, or atleast thats what the general consensus is!?? So would be pointless to run bloods during PT as things will change weekly?

I dont see criticism I see opinion! much respected opinion from someone with your experience so thanks again!

A NOTE ON MELANOTAN 2- for anyone interested in this for libido/erection enhancing purpose- Just my own exp-day 3 in....0.5mg day 1- No changes (Except the standard blood rush to face/flushing) day 2: 1mg-no change except a LITTLE nausea about 5 hours 3 and Im not expecting anything, a little disappointing but never mind, I have heard it can take a few days to kick in but Im not holding my breath! Oh well!
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Transporter I don't know nothing am 55 year old and have not had any sex drive for 18 years or more,iv been to doctors nothing gave me Viagra worked a bit but I had no interest in sex,can you give any tips would be grateful
Transporter I don't know nothing am 55 year old and have not had any sex drive for 18 years or more,iv been to doctors nothing gave me Viagra worked a bit but I had no interest in sex,can you give any tips would be grateful

In a way your lucky.. If I took all the time I've spent over the last 18 years thinking about and having sex and chasing pussy,, and spent that time studying the stock market instead.. I'd be a billionaire investor....!
But no, instead my days just getting going and I've already spent an hour this morning bangin the wife twice, another 30 mins emailing and chatting with chicks on a dating site,, and now I'm already thinking about that bj I'm gonna get after my massage once I'm outta the hot tub..

And while sitting here ill prob start planning my Saturday night and book a hotel and set up some more sex for later ..
Fuck me,, ! I've only been up for a few hours and I've already spent most my day on sex,, again I could be studying the stock market or something.

So again, your kinda lucky man :)
ok so for anyone with libido/ED issues end of cycle/pct here is an update!

Sex drive still strong, mood improved, and my "load" is much much bigger, random boners during the night and often get morning wood, some random semis popping up a fair bit, saw my girl try on an outfit in a clothes shop and got hard haha....all while on week 1 of PCT...baring in mind ALOT of people say "dont expect reliable sex or libido on pct" think I might have nailed it for me anyways!

SO here is the update on supps im on now, now I feel my natty test production has been given a little push:

trib-5 on 2 off...I notice on the 2 days off my libido is through the roof! (make sure the 2 days off are weekends too :p)
maca-dropped from 4000mg to 3000mg a day
I am now cycling HGW-5 on 2 off (although I am due to drop this supplement soon too)
Melanotan 2 (finish on thursday) @ 1mg a day
and then the obvious viagra before jiggy just for that extra confidence boost with ED (as ED during PCT is very common and would rather prevent an incident!)

I am taking 5-HTP @ 300mg 2 hours before bed, and 0.5mg of loratadine 2 hours before bed also (to help with any PE issues!)-There has been a noticable improvement in management to control ejaculation now and once past that super sensitive point (after about 4-5mins of going slow and steady) I can pound away until she says finish! (and even then sometimes I have to reaaallly pound to finish haha, not complaining :D)

So findings-

CORDYCEPS-Total waste of time and money....not sure if they have contributed to the increased "load" volume but I did notice since taking them my load is greater and my girl is loving it! but as for difference....gym-no difference

Melanotan 2-no spontaneous erections or increased libido for me...GUTTED! was really looking forward to that, not bunk either, makes me flush in the face and feel a little strange for a few mins, also standard redness on injection site sometimes associated with melanotan 2-wont be using that again

VIT B6+12- Definitely worth stacking toward end of cycle-improves libido @600mg and also mood is unreal! BUT-increased I will stack it at end of cycle for about 2 weeks then drop it off!

MACA-dont rate this tbh....It COULD be contributing to my sustained libido...I have been on it for about 5-6 weeks now

HGW-I seem to be less turned on when Im taking this for some reason?

TRIB-would always use this (and always have) when ending a cycle through PCT, gives a boost in the libido department and feel it helps a little,

I have dropped the proviron now also! Libido still high and erections and load is bigger since coming off???

obv taking nolvadex @ 40mg ed 1-2 20mg 2-4/6 as standard

I dont do clomid----never used it in pct-never had any issues (until i used deca last time and crashed so badly---hence this pre/pct stack to avoid crashing like that again even though I havnt used deca this time!) PCT has always been easy for me so no need to add clomid!

HCG- this is the main factor in all this- if anything, if you havnt ran hcg during a long cycle....then do it last 10 days of cycle with 4 days to clear before pct SERMS start!

So all in all....only a week in PCT-THINGS could change....but things are consistent atm so Im happy, I have dropped down supps now I feel I have had a kick start! and am well and truly on the road to recovery! Looking forward to the next cycle!