Letro compared to Arimidex


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I have been doing some reading up on Letro. I know it is supposed to lower estrogen levels decreasing water retention which in turn inhibits aromatase decreasing the chances of having gynecomastia.

Is this true?
How does Letrozol compare to Arimidex?

Any experienced users out their that could set me straight?

I use letro eveytime and I never get gyno. I also never get bloat. I love it. I'm not very gyno prone, though. My friend however, can look at a bottle of test and his nipples get puffy.

I've never tried adex, but I havent had a reason to switch it up because letro works so damn well.
Letro is not better it is stronger. Its lowers your estrogen much more than Adex, but that's because it's how both compounds were created, not cause one is better.

It's almost a given that it will prevent Gyno, but letro can also shut you down. I personally wouldn't run it unless I was very gyno prone, and even then I can bet that aromasin (which is weaker than letro but stronger than Adex) would do the trick. If you don't get shut down from letro, then go ahead and run it if you like, it's almost a sure way to prevent gyno.

Estrogen helps to aid in strength and muscle gains, so it's total eliminatioin is not beneficial, unless the sides of estrogen are overbearing.
My personal preference is letro. I'm very gyno prone, and I've used both letro and arimidex. Letro actually removed an existing lump I had from a previous cycle where arimidex wouldn't. Of course everybody's body reacts differently so you should do plenty of research and Letro is harder on the LPIDs, so I've read anyway.

Good luck.
rake922 said:
How do you run the letro? length and dose etc.

Check out the profile here at 'ology: http://www.steroidology.com/steroid-articles/steroid.info/19/Femara%AE_(letrozole).html