LFC Products?


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From what I hear, everything they make is top notch, are there any plans for LFC to ever produce Anavar, Primobolan, or Masteron. I guess that leads me to a few more questions, why is Anavar so expensive compared to other orals, and to other steroids in general, and why are primo and masterson next to impossible to find, are they that hard to make?
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I also inquired about LFC Anavar but was told that Oxandrolone powder is expensive and hard to get thru customs in Canada etc....
Not worth it to them at this moment.
I dont know about Primo and masteron.
You can find Bin Laden easier than those substances :D
Primo powder is extremely expensive, and masteron is not produced anymore, unless special ordered from China, and Im sure they wont produce it, unless you plan on buying quite a few kilos.
Heyyo said:
1 Kilo of anavar is 7.5 times more expensive than a kilo of Winstrol (winny) (usp23)

Also there is hardly any anavar in China. Anavar from china is very low grade(about 70-80% pure)

Take into account that making tabs is expensive.

Some labs also consider the internet as half the market...the other half is the local market. Anavar doesn't sell well locally.

With all that being said there is a chance that LFC will have an anavar soon! :)

Dont people in Canada have HIV or AIDS? Anavar should be a solid seller for that...isnt it?
id like to see lfc come with dbol,i love dbol and i love lfc:), not much dbol from can labs. besides the old alphatech.