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Does anyone know when liqua-solutions will be back in business for orders? TechchemY, I remember you mentioning you know the guys behind this operation. Any ideas?

Are their products high quality? Thanks
I just noticed that they added an "Order By Mail" option with a form you can print off and mail in with payment.

But liquid steride is listed as not available, you may have to email them for a date...
GreasyGreek said:
Thanks Ecto! But I need finasteride too... bump

liqua-dex and liqua-letro are the only one that can be ordered as of now. soonm i believe they will have the liqua-clomid and liqua-nolva and hopefully not too long after they will carry the rest of the line
All products produced by Liqua-Solutions are high quality. Credit card processing will be available in a week or so, use the Order by Mail form for right now, but make sure you e-mail the order to before you send the money order, to make sure everything is correct