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What's up bros. I have not been able to get liquid research to reply to my emails. Are they still in business. I don't want to send out a check until they respond. Any info will help. thanks.
Mike always replies. It takes time for all people when you order things like this. He has been busy lately. He really has hooked me up and my stuff always gets here on time. Definately the best of liquid companies out there. Tell him Ifrit recommended him to you, lol.
Order Date: 2003-06-09
Order Status: In Process
Shipping Method: Express Mail

I know they are at least 1 day behind, lets see what tomorrow brings.
I just got my liquid 2 days...the service was outstanding...i will recommend to all...and on that note, how do i measure this stuff up...20mg/ml, should i draw a ml up in a syringe???????????????????????????????????????:confused:



Thanks came through...your word is gold to me..

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thanks bro, about the dropper one full pump =1ml , it will only let you fill to 1ml, we are working on getting some droppers that read the ml on it
Thanks bro...also, can it be taken sublingually..under the tongue thingy..or should i just swallow it...

Sweet, ml on the droppers. I couldn't find any around so I use a baby syringe to measure it out.

Thanks i can take it.....phew...i was dying on this can delete my portions on this thread if you like...thanks bro...

I ordered my stuff on MONDAY from LR, and it still hasnt shipped from them.

doh... :(

Is this normal? Maybe researchkits next time?
LR is run by solid bros...give them a chance...they are being swamped with orders lately, and they are offering a discount on your next order if they don't get it out within a certain time period.

I'm waiting on some t-3 I just ordered, and I can't wait to try it judging from what others have said...
RK is double the price of Liquidresearch. They are just busy now because they are growing fast and for good reason. All of the other liquid companies are charging up the ass for their products and they are no better. LR all the way. Unless you like paying black market prices that are the same as pill form from the others.
what's the longest anyone has waited for their LR shipment...I'm at almost 2 weeks here...they told me it was shipped last monday the 2nd...i think something is either up with the mail or it was never shipped...patience i guess