LivingSculp's 2nd Cycle......


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Well for those of you that dont know me, long time member, began posting as of late. Im 22 6'6" 237 to start cycle.
First cycle was test e 200mg/week for 10 weeks
winny for 8 weeks at 100 mg mwf
Gained and kept between 15-20 lbs

This cycle which Im 2 weeks into consists of
Test E 400mg/week 1-12
Deca 300mg/week 1-10
Anadrol 50mg ed 1-4(might extend to 6 cause I like it so much)
Hcg 250 iu 2xweek
arimidex .5mg ed

Consitently hit 4000cal min(pretty clean too although not as varied as id like, I eat a lot of turkey burgers)

Training consists of alternating lowe weight/highvolume to high weight low volume
M-Legs/Shoulders Light
T-Chest/Bi Light
W-Back/tris light
tfs-repeat but heavy days
heavy day consists of warm up sets then for my compound lift I hit 3x3 trying to increase by 5% each week.

ill start Posting this week.

Side Note: Im already up 10 Pounds and I dont look or feel bloated at all!
Quite a few different compounds for only a 2nd cycle, if you get sides it can make it a little tricky working out whats causing it...Still your a big lad so I'm sure you will put it to good use. What are you planning for post cycle therapy (pct) ?

With only one day off do you worry about overtraining ?
Yes with only one day off I do worry about overstraining, but I did a similar routine on my previous cycle and it worked wonders so im going at it again the same way. I usually switch to something lighter when im off.

Pct will consist of the HCG and Nova 40/40/20/20 and sometimes I even drop down to 10 for a week or 2.

I know I should have only done 2 compounds but I wanted to try kickstarting my cycle with drol and Im loving it(very happy with my choice) and I might actually tack on 2 more weeks for a total of 6.

Saturday- Couldnt Lift today cause I had to work ALL day. Ate pretty good, a little high on fat for me. Hard to eat good at work. Gonna make up todays workout tommorow morning, hopefully it will be a big back day.
Tues 11- -06(start of week 3)
Yesterday was a good light leg/shoulder day. Diet went good.
Today Diet lacked a little due to sleeping in late but training was good hit 290x3,295x3,300x3 then repped out 225 on bench
225x10,235x10,245x10 decline
30x10,40x10,50x10,65x8 incline fly

strghtbar 95x10,135x3,145x3,155x3,
reverese curl 65 x12x3
seated curl 40x10,50x10,50x10

decided ot do my heavy day today and I felt good after it all.

Weight is up to 249(started at 238)
Did a light back/tris ysterday
Heavy legs/shoulders
warmed up then hit 360x3,365x3,375x3 then repped 225x20
Walking lunges 50 in each hand for 3 sets of 16 steps
Weighted calf raises 3 sets 10 with 60 pound dmbl in hand
Some isolation stuff to finish

Mil press warmed up then 205x3x2 and 225x3, then repped out 185
side raises+front raises
Thats about it, was kinda cashed form legs

Was a good day lifting and food wise, all lifts up from last week and I weighed in at 250
Thread wasnt getting many hits so i stopped posting but for an update.....Continued anadrol for 2 more weeks for total of 6.....End of week 5 and im up from 238 to 256....strength gains have been awesome as well and i dont feel bloated or have any harsh sides. Anadrol is king!