Looking for a new 4-day split


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Haven't been on there forum for a while..But I'm looking to get rid of my 3-day routine and change it to a 4-day. I feel as though I've made a mistake by not isolating my traps and shoulders, and so its time that I focus in on those muscles in particular. (They're lagging pretty bad...)
What's popular these days? I'm looking for something alone the lines to:

Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Chest, Triceps
Day 3: Back, Biceps
Day 4: Shoulders, Traps

Any idea for which lifts/sets/reps?
How long have you been training? Age? What did your previous routine look like? Why do you feel the need to make a change? Goals for your training?
i don't see a routine, just a listing of bodyparts. for a 4 day/wk routine, i'd probably do something along the lines of 2 upper/lower workouts a week, ie, day1: lower, day2:upper, day3 and 4 repeat.
Vegas, I'm just about 19...Been training since I was 15 (played rugby at the time too)
I was on a 3-day split..One that belonged to pullinbig...I stuck with it til now, its been at least a couple years. Gains have been real slow lately, and my shoulders/traps are lagging behind pretty bad so I think its time I make a switch and start focusing on those...
I'm currently 6'1, 205 approximately 12% BF...
I'd like to get up to a lean 225 eventually...
i'd stick with the three day a week routines...i used to do 4+ and my gains wernt nearly as fast or as much as when i switched to a lower volume/higher intensity style routine. check my log if you'd like i have three different routines in there. the first one is the 5x5 which i saw very nice results...after awhile i hit a wall so i tried DC (doggcrap) and had good results with that as well...now im doing pb's 3x week routine and liking that as well....good luck.
I like:

Legs/Shoulders (in the same day or different day)

this way all body parts get a direct and indirect workout (except legs).