Lou Ferrigno ATTACKED!! True story!!

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Sad news for you all, and before it makes the presses, I'd like everyone to know what really transpired very, very recently!
Lou Ferrigno, the 'Living Legend', and his parents were attacked, and brothers, as far as I am concerned they all DESERVED it!

I was at Heathrow Airport with Nobby and Marvin. Nobby and I were heading to the orient to buy another several months worth of anabolic aids, and Marvin, a Down's-Syndrome afflicted lad who workes out in my gym and idolizes Nobby and I, was given an opportunity to earn a few extra pence by carrying our suitcases around at the airport.

I was about to head into the departure lounge when suddenly, I spotted them! "LOOK...it's Lou Ferrigno...and his parents!" I cried, pointing to the trio who were standing not to far off, looking lost. Yet, I felt a welling anger within me, and began trembling and mumbling to myself "..fucking bastards...you thought you could get away with it...well YOU'll pay.."
I marched over to the three of them, accompanied by Nobby and Marvin.
They turned to us, and as I pointed an accusatory finger in their faces, I addressed them as follows:

"I remember the scene in 'Pumping Iron' where you are all having dinner..and I've paused it many a time, and examined it frame by frame...didn't think anyone would notice the CRAP you(pointing at Lou's mother) were feeding him, eh? It was a few months away from the Olympia..pasta, pasta and more pasta...oh yes, Mrs Ferrigno, YOU did it deliberately, as no doubt you were working for Arnold, weren't you, bitch! And you (pointing at Lou's father) meddling in Lou's training...no doubt on orders from Weider...and finally, you, Lou..for failing to win..you let your FANS down!!" I screamed. My face was beet red, I was quivering, eyes bulging..."It's one thing to let ME down..I am an adult..I can TAKE IT!" I screamed, my voice cracking "But mentally retarded people like Marvin here- well, by God, you just don't DO that to them!!"

The three of them looked stunned. I turned and marched off. I'd been waiting a long time to get that off my chest. I stopped after a few strides, and seized Marvin. "Marvin, is there any justice?" I asked. "Oi, Mahvin, kick the shit out o the bahstahds!" Nobby snarled. Marvin's eyes grew wider, and due to the lenses of his glasses being at least an inch thick appreared the size of dinner plates! He started screaming in rage, turned, and ran charging at the Ferrignos. Lou's parents turned around to see what the approaching bedlam was, and were caught in a double-clothesline by Marvin! After hitting the floor, Marvin picked up Mrs. Ferrigno's walker, and began beating them all with it until it was just a short length of twisted metal. But, bros, Lou was in shape, and in what looked like a reprise of his 'Incredible Hulk' role from TV, he seized Marvin, and threw him face down on the hard floor and then began stomping on his head. Just then, a crowd of airport security personnel showed up and promptly pepper sprayed Lou and handcuffed Lou and Marvin.

Well, folks, who do these pro's think they are? Do they think they can actually let down fans and get away with it?


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Man I think that was the right thing to do, Ive seen Pumping Iron and it had to have been all their fault.:D