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Man, I started 25 mg d bol, monday......750 test tuesday.... Yesterday my workout was off the hook. I have put on 5 lbs already and am blowing up all over!!!! dont ya just love it!!!!!:D
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update 4-10-03

It is two weeks into this cycle. I am up8-9 lbs and filling out all over!! D Bol is the shit!!!!

Yeah, but still not as big as u. Hopefully someday I will be like u.....PISSLEG!!! AND BRADSHAW:40oz:

as of today...i weighed, 186 so that is about 16 lbs so far in three weeks. i am starting to get scared to start my pre contest diet....
you weigh 186lbs right now. on january 28 in the members pic forum you weighed 187lbs??? and you gained 16 lbs??????


fuck u....i did weight 187...lost weight down to about 170 and now back up to 186 or so. why do u do nothing but bust peoples balls? i cant help it i anit as big as u. i wish i could go to school and eat and lift....not have to work full time, raise a kid, workout as hard as possible and have a social life...u are all about u and if it is cool for traps, and doesnt side track u for one minute, ur cool....
i am really getting sick of u running me down, i am ur brother for fuck sake:(