Low Testosterone, 20 years old


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On April 6th, 2016 my friend sold me a pro hormone called Superdrol by HiTech Pharmaceuticals (not the original Superdrol, just the same name) and told me that a couple other buddies of mine had used pro hormones and had not gained any negative side effects, so me being curious, I used this pro hormone for 9 days (no prior knowledge about pro hormones). I started to notice on the 6th and 7th day that I was feeling very lethargic and tired, on the eighth and ninth day, I noticed my testicles had shrunk up and that my chest was starting to look very puffy so I immediately discontinued use on April 15th.

Two weeks pass and I notice that nothing had really changed and my symptoms seemed to be getting progressively worse, i.e. depression, feeling shutdown, no energy, no libido, erectile dysfunction, puffy/sensitive nipples, etc, so I told my father what I had used and on May 3rd, 2016 we went to our Primary Care Physician to see if I could get my testosterone levels and estrogen checked. The PCP was hesitant to get my testosterone checked but when I told him about the pro hormone I used he said he would have my testosterone levels checked but not my estrogen (idk why) just to reassure me. My Total Testosterone came back at 277.30 ng/dL in a reference range of 249-836. He said that this is very low and that we would test again in three months to see if my levels had increased.

During the last three months, I have felt extremely depressed, have little to no libido, no energy or drive, and just still overall feel shutdown. It scares me because I remember what I felt before I took this pro hormone, I felt energetic, had great libido, no ED, and overall just a great sense of well being. I still workout six days a week, eat a very clean diet and just try to live my life as normally as I can but I just don't feel the same anymore. My stats are 5'7", 187.6 lbs, 14% body fat, workout six days a week in a push, pull, legs split. Squat 365, bench 255, and deadlift 455. Eat a very strict and clean diet at around 3,000 calories a day, 190 protein, 90 fat, 340 carb.

On July 9th, I got my second blood test to see if my Total Testosterone had improved and this test was done at 8:00am in the morning, my Total Testosterone came back lower at 233.7 ng/dL in a reference range of 249-836! Worse than where I was at three months ago, my % Free Testosterone Index (Calc.) came back at 48.16 ng/dL in a reference range of 35-92, and my SHBG came back low at 16.84 nmol/L in a reference range of 17.3-65.8. I still have not gotten my estradiol checked but I feel that it may be very high. My cortisol came back at 14.2 ug/dL in a reference range of 3.1-22.4.

My question is what should I do? I went from being a perfectly healthy 20 year old with great libido, energy, and confidence to a very depressed one. I just want to feel normal again, I see my PCP again August 9th to discuss these new blood test results, any input on what I should discuss with him to get back on track would be great.
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lol... this is why i hate prohormones..

do you have test level labs before you took that pro hormone?
Sadly I did not, didn't know too much about pro hormones beforehand, but I do suspect that my levels were higher before because I do not feel anywhere near what I did before I took this supplement.