lower back injury


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ok so two years ago i herniated discs L4/L5 with sciatica down my right leg. i did it power cleaning and i played football which made it worse. eventually it somehow healed where i was able to lift with considerable gains in strength. last summer i was squatting around 600 at the end of my cycle and power cleaning 300. i weigh about 280 right now with 18-20% bf. lately the pain has started again except now it shoots down my left leg, and usually follows any deadlifts squats or cleans i do. i havent done any power lifting save a few sets here or there for a couple months now and i still feel discomfort even after doing barbell rows. what can i do to help it? i want to resume squatting and deadlifting soon and i was thinking maybe light squats and deads will help my back strengthen up to where it used to be. any thoughts?
Go to a good chiropractor--first. One who understands weightlifting and one is willing to only fix what he is able to fix.

I was were your are a few years ago.
It always got better you know.
This is a link to the site I'm reading alot now.
I've been adjusted, Physical therapy and shots in the spine.
It looks like my next step is 2 replacements.
L4-L5 and L5-S1.
I'd love to get back into the gym.
But my days of pounding poundage is past.
Take care of it now before someone else has to.
Anyone out there lifting around a bad back??