Need some training feedback, been awhile since I been on here


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So its been a while since I've been on here, life's been pretty crazy past year, my stats 5'10" 210lb 9-10% 28yrs, I had a couple questions, since spring rolled around work has pretty much taken over my life and with that the time and intensity I was able to spend on my workouts has had to shift a bit. I'm beyond worried about losing my strength/size because of not being able to hit the weights as hard some days as others and I'm wondering if this is true if from time to time I gotta go a little lighter or have to cut a work out a bit shorter is it really going to take that big a toll on my numbers? It's been around the 30degree celcius range outside the past couple weeks now and I run machinery and do a shit load of labour/shovel work 8-12hrs 5-6 days a week, and psychologically it kinda messed with me not to mention I feel flat if I take a day off if it's a scheduled workout day.. Iike today was legs for me, and I was beyond exhausted after 10hrs in 30 degree weather but I thought it would be better to get something in than nothing, it was mentally painful to not be able to do the amount of volume or weight that I was used to, but it went something like this....

3 sets squats
10x 185
10x 275
5 x 335

3 sets leg curl machine

4 sets leg extensions

Few sets tricep cable pulldowns between leg cets..

Now thats what I did today, and by no means a normal workout, that was a short 45min-hr long workout since I was literally dead from work today, now compare that with a normal leg workout that I did last week:

6 Sets squats

10x 185
10 x 275
7x 365
4x 435
2x 455
2x 465

4 sets leg curls

4 sets of this weird glute kickback machine

7 sets leg press
10x 1 plate (perside)
10x 2
10x 3
10x 4
10x 5
10x 6
10x 7 ( per side)

So what I'm asking is, if I have to do in my opinion what I would call a short half ass work out some days is it going to impact my body composition or strength? I know this is a bit of a rookie question but maybe I'm just looking for a bit of re assurance here... I wanna get everything dialed in diet and training wise because I'm planning on starting a cycle and logging it fairly soon here provided that if some days I have to take it a bit easier because of work and time allowance that it wont affect my progress to much... Thanks in advance bros
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I think your leg workout is fine. You can do half workout to keep condition. Most of my workouts was lighter maintaining workouts. I still kept weight on for years.
I would say you are fine and neither is under training. Youre looking at two workouts under totally different conditions. As long as form stays correct and you are putting in effort. It's not like the first workout is a normal occurance. If you left the workout feeling pumped, tired and accomplished mentally then I say you are G2G.
Your shorter workouts are fine. Remember they will help keep maintenance of your development. So it's completely fine.