Lumps in butt after injecting Winnie


New member
I have injected oil based products in my butt before with no problem but Winnie is giving me lumps. They are not sore or hot and seem to be going down, albeit slowly. What are they are how can they be avoided?
I get them from Winstrol (winny) all the time. You should spend time rubbing the spot you injected, periodically throughout the day, which works for me. As far as avoiding the lumps, I am not too sure about. But when I use Winstrol (winny), it hurts and I get sore, but never hot. Many of my bro’s that use Winstrol (winny) have the same problems as me, so I assume it is normal. Massage the injection spot often!!!

How many mgs per cc is your Wiiny? I use 100mg/cc, which is bothersome and some of my bro’s use 50mgs/cc and it is not as painful, nor do they get the lumps. And as Aboot said how often do you inject in the same spot?