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at injection sites? How long should I try to massage area and what else can I do? I am taking 200mg prop eod and just started 300mg/wk deca. I had no problem w/prop in my quad but got a lump in ass and I did 2cc deca to start and that caused a little lump in quad.

I don't wanna sound like I'm bitchin but should I be concerned about stickin more gear in an area that is sore or has a lump? I was thinking that I should rotate to shoulders if I have to. Any info appreciated.
First off, did you heat the gear prior to injection??? Second, after injection, massage the area for atleast 5 minutes hard, helps disperse the oil. You can also apply heat, that will help too. 2cc in quad isnt a big deal depending on the concentration, but the Deca at 300mg/cc will leave you with some pain. Try not to hit the same area more than once a week. You will find that 2cc's in the delt is rather uncomfortable, especialy with that deca, atleast it is for me. Try breaking up the injections to avoid 2 cc's at one time, that will help minimize the pain some. Good luck
Another thing I forgot to mention, when you shot quads and had no lumps, you used a 1in pin im sure, did you use a 1 in pin in the glutes too. You need a 1.5 in pin for glutes. You may not have been fully into the muscle and the oil deposited between the muscle and the skin. That will lump ya too.