Making Liquid Finasteride


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I have some Proscar and was considering making my own finasteride solution to make dosing more accurate (and to squeeze more doses out of the pills since I'm doubtful I can cut those little pills into 5 pieces). What would be the best way to go about doing this?

I'm cluless as to whether the stuff would dissolve in everclear, or if I need to make a solution with something else.

Also, are there any good containers with a pump with a reasonably standard pump volume of .5 ml/whatever. I'd hate to have to use a syringe to measure it out everyday and I'd probably spill $50 down the sink if it was an open topped container.
Just cut the pill twice to make 1.25 mgs each. It's not too hard with a sharp knife and you can take one each day. This is what I do... This isn't that far off from 1 mg - besides some people take a whole proscar a day...