MCT Oil as a carrier?


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I'm seeing other homebrewers on different boards using MCT oil alone or in combo with EO as a carrier oil. There are two main reasons given for using it: 1. It's thin as hell (I don't remember MCT oil being THAT thin) and 2. It will delay the release of the hormone from the site resulting in more even blood levels (couldn't the MCT oil also in effect trap the hormone in the injection site?). Just thought I'd share this and get everyone's thoughts on for now, I'm skeptical.
the only one i have seen use this oil is anmial and he only uses it with
certian mixes
i have someone i can ask who knows better will ask for both of us because
as of now i am trying to figure out the better oil to use
hey doc j for once i think i can help you instead of you helping me
i was told the MCT medium chain triglycerides is more for site enhancement
site, stay in the injection site longer

as for using it with EO there is no need EO is thinner. and as for thin oils which i am sure you know greapseed or cottenseed are believed to be thinner
the MCT if not the same