measured arms after 5 months clean


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I partially tore rotaor cuff and healing just had about 2 workouts in last 2 weeks retained almost all my size (more fat) but arms and strengh is still there. I just measured arms and over 19" unpumped!

I was a bit scared to measure but now I'm glad can't wait until I cycle in a month or so!
who says you loose all your gains, bullshits!
muscle memory is a good thing. I can look at a weight and grow!
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bro I never imigined my arms were still around 20 quit lifting besides curls, squats and tri's, some chest but my bi's have always been my strongest point.

I can rep curl 225lbs fairly strict for about 4 reps.

Its funny to watch people curl next to me shit their pants sometimes when they see how much weight I move in curls.

Now my stomach has a bit more fat than it did but been working out 2 or 3 days a week and feeling pretty good after injury better hopefully after my first cortozone injection soon!
i am glad to see you overcome a injury to your rotator cuff most people don't come out of that without surgery and nice bicept
Many debate that cortizone will harm but not in my case.

Actually cortisone does help in roundabout sort of way. The specific compounds made by the body that accompany the inflammatory process are catabotic to the tissues that are trying to be rebuilt by the healing process. It's a vicious cycle. Inflammation is geared to the immediate survival of the organism, not necessarily long-term healing of the damaged area.
The cortisone shot rids you of the inflammation, and allows the healing process to occur as it is supposed to.
Additionally, the pressure in the joint resulting from the inflammation can make tissues pinches even more which can lead to friction type breakdown.
In my case, the inflammation around the supraspinatus pushes the supraspinatus in closer to the proximity to the acromion which runs underneath. When I raise my arm to certain positions, it pinches and wears thin the supraspinatus muscle belly.

Perhaps the warning you're trying to give me is about the catabolic properties of cortisone alone itself. Repeated cortazone treatment tends to also be catabolic to the joint, which theoretically leads to decreased cartridge/bone integrity. A one time shot, however, will do way more towards proper healing than it will hurt.
thanks no chemical enhanments of yet 20" 21" should be no probelem this next time. I like bi and tri onsites very much!

going to doc today seeing if i can get free viagra sample pack!
never tried em except ips and did nothing for me.
"Many debate that cortizone will harm but not in my case."

That's because a shot is localized and doesn't result in cortizone flowing through your whole body. It's actually deposited in the joint fluid, so it's not being picked up by the blood stream and transported through your body like muscular injections are.

"225 for 4?? Thats impressive!"

Very impressive! Back and biceps have always been very hard for me to build. My max curl is always 50% percent of my bodyweight. When I gain weight it goes up, but remains at the 50% mark.
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I believe in lots of set high and low reps with light increasing to heavy weight than decreasing weights.
Works well, I attribute lots of my new size to doing reverse skull crushers and reverse cables to hit inner head of tri's which I once badly negleted.
I will someday post pics of me at gym curling straightbar 225lbs.

I have not done onsite for 5 months now and no synthol or gh ever. Just Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for onsites.