Measurin Testosterone in IU in order to use Insulin syringes (with big needles)


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Hey guys I need some help from experienced pinners who know their way around the different units there are.

Unfortunately I messed up preparing my Test E cycle along with HCG (and Adex). I read that HCG is best injected with insulin syringes. As the place where I bought the syringes has the ones where you can tighten any kind of needle size onto it I thought why not use these insulin syringes for the test injections as well? Researching online the only apparent problem I found was that the needle size of insulin syringes is usually too small for the oil. Therefore I bought 18G needles to pull the test out of the vial and 23Gx1.25" needles to inject it IM into the glute. (Since the syringes come in a 200 package I thought that way I could save some money and don't waste syringes.)

Since I want to start the cycle in August I know had a closer look at the syringes and realised that of course they're measured in IU's which works for HCG but not really for test E. So I tried to find a solution to this problem but ended up being confused about the different units, so here are my considerations:

The vial of testosterone contains 300mg/ml test E. Since I plan to inject 250mg twice a week this results in 0.83ml per session.
1ml insulin = 100IU
And since
1ml insulin-solution = 1ml test-solution
I'd be injecting 83IU test-solution correct??
Or am I totally wrong because oil and water have different densities etc. and you can't calculate it like that?
Another point is that the syringe says U-40 insulin so how do I implement that into the equation since it's different from U-100??
I'm so confused right now please help me if anyone experienced it or knows his way around. I know I might sound stupid but I want to make sure I'm not injecting wrong dosages so please don't blame me.
Thanks in advance!


Dumb it down. You have a 1ml syringe. You want to inject .83ml. So draw .83ml and you are done. So 83% of the way to the top of the syringe.

Density has nothing to do with it. ml is a measure of volume.


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Unless it's a 1ml syringe made for U=40 insulin, I'm guessing that you have 0.4ml insulin syringes. They'll be skinnier and usually shorter than the U=100 ones.

Honestly though, I'd just grab a box of 3cc syringes, as very small bore syringes may provide too much pressure, creating a high powered stream if pressed hard enough (or the tip will fly off if not luer-lock), causing damage to your tissues like a pressure washer to the lawn outside.

Tron answered the rest.

My .02c :)

Edit: If it's a 1ml U=40 syringe, you'll have to calculate out which dash mark is 83% of 40 dashes. (it's 33)
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Thanks guys for your help and welcome. Yes that's it I confused the measurements for volume and units and I know it'd be better to get other syringes which I'm most probably going to do. But it made me curious.
It is a 1ml U-40 Syringe. That means that the 40 IU mark is 1ml and therefore 33 IU will be .83 ml, right? This is going to help me with the HCG injections as well.
Thanks again