Melanotan II


gettin' bigger
I decided that I deserve a Christmas present. It's a blizzard outside and I wish I was somewhere, anywhere where beaches exist. I'm whitest in the winter so I thought I'd invest in Melanotan II. Lion's pictures inspired me. My question is if going to the tanning bed going to effect the Melanotan? I'm guessing that it will increase the effects but I wanted to hear what you all think? :)
It is recommended to tan with MTII. That being said, I'm giving it a try without tanning. I am very dark naturally and tan very well, so I guess we'll see what it brings.
ive been using it and im the darkest i have ever been period. i have never been tan in my life. i used 2 kits a few months ago. then this time as soon as i started the kit i got dark.
does any one know any long term bad affects of this shit. i wanna take through the whole next summer and see how dark i can get. i think i might be trying hgh for the first time and that scares me enough.
The pictures I've seen of the users of this stuff are pretty remarkable. I tan very easily, but if I didn't I'd definitely try it out...
ive ordered a kit from researchology, but the mixing instructions arent really that clear could someone please explain them.