Mixing up a Fina Kit


Juice Authority

Is there anything that I should be aware when I'm mixing this up or are the intructions pretty self-explanatory? I've never done "homemade tren" or any other self-concocted products. I hear it's worked well for other guys. I failed chemistry in High School so I hope it's not too difficult.
Trust me, I hated science in school as well but making Fina is easy as pie.

If you follow the instructions, your good to go.
yes I dont think you can mess it up its very easy, but if you have any questions post em here and Im sure they'll be answered.
It is verrrry easy. The thing is make sure you practice sterile technique. Dont drop the cap or the needle on the floor and use again! Dont use your fingers and touch the pallets. Use sterile gloves and you should be okay.