Mk677 - is it right for me?


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Hello all.

32 y/o. 1 cycle of test/var/tren in 2012.

I dont want to run anything that can cause shutdown at the moment. Hence, no steroids or GH. Instead, I'm looking at peps and MK677.

Primary goals = recomp. Currently just finished a cut and started a lean bulk, and while I look good, I would like to lose another 5-10lbs fat. But, I'm lean bulking at the moment, so fat loss will be hard.

I know MK677 is a GH secretagogue. In general people always take GH w a steroid, but what about taking a GH/GH derivative/secretagogue just by itself? Will I still see results? Again, keeping in mind that my goals are fat burning and muscle gain. Don't need any drastic results, ideally would like to stay within 5-10 pounds of where I'm currently at. Just looking to shed fat while I make slight muscle/strength gains.

Oh, and to keep my gains :)