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Hi ladies

My sister is looking to take a fatburner along with the exercise she is doing. What has been the most effective fatburner that you have taken that is legal?
I myself really like the ephedra based fat burners like Ripped Fuel and Labrada's Charge. Does she take any medication or have any health problems? You have to be careful with the ephedra based products with people with any health concerns.
Birth control will be fine but if she's on any type of anti-depressant or anxiety medication, she will want to be careful on what she is taking.
I loved the old epehdra based Xenadrine RFA (the new formula is not as good). Lost 30 lbs of "baby fat" (post pregnancy hang on) using it, light dieting and exercise (lots of cardio, weights on circuit). I also really recommend the GNC Pro Performance brand "Cuts", it has no ephedrine or ephedrine substitute but works great. It does have caffeine, green tea and white willow bark (herbal aspirin). It also contains coleus forskohlii which is a natural metabolism booster. I also like to add Yohimbe for extra punch and and CLA to help keep the fat lost at bay.
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